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why choose K-Fit
K-FIT is a workout combination of Kettlebell and functional fitness techniques in an assisted training facility. It is designed to be a high intensity workout that is aimed at optimizing physical functionality, health and mobility.
Full Functional excersizeK-FIT exercises focus on strength, agility and fitness. The overall health benefits of K-FIT will allow you to see and feel practical changes in your body, making you feel happier and healthier in your everyday life..
Unique and creativeEvery day offers a completely new “workout of the day” (WOD) meaning you will always be doing something different and will never get bored! Daily performance records are kept to track fitness progress, allowing you to compete against yourself or set personal goals.

Hello, I'm Jani Van Wyk, a personal trainer based in Kathu, dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle.
Jani Van Wyk

Jani Van Wyk Owner

Winter Challenge

Summer bodies are made in the winter.

12 Week body transformation challenge

Start 3 Jun - 30 Aug

Entry Fee R100.00

Contact Jani van Wyk  082 046 4204
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